ToolTraders is an importer and distributor of engineering tooling aimed at supplying an extensive range of products through our global supply chain. Our current customers range from small hobbyist burning the midnight oil in their home workshop to large volume production engineering firms and everyone in between.

At ToolTraders we believe that it’s not the size of the order that determines the level of service you get and will always strive from the time your order is placed till the time the tool is in your shop to ensure that you our end user receive the best quality product that’s delivered to you in a timely manor at an affordable price.

ToolTraders was founded by tradesmen who were tired of paying high prices and been treated as just a number by suppliers who had absolutely no experience in using the products they sell. Being tradesmen ourselves we are always here to offer free advice and are more than happy to visit your shop to discuss all your tooling needs.

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